Automatic Counterfeit Detector Moniron Dec Ergo




Moniron Dec Ergo

Automatic currency detector for back office applications

€ 129

VAT not incl.


Ergonomic design. Faultless detection. Unique software


Easy feeding of banknotes in all four orientations, reliability and availability for intensive operation, well-thought-out ergonomic design and user-friendly control of essential functions – all these features make Moniron Dec Ergo an optimal solution for retail back offices.



Smart technology, ergonomic design and enhanced reliability for back office operation
Integrated automatic Moniron Detection System with 100% guaranteed counterfeit detection
Special design of Moniron Tray 100 for easy processing of bundles


Easy feeding of banknotes by any of four orientations, without pressing them to the edge of the tray
Effective protection against high-quality supernotes
Cashiers don’t need any special skills or knowledge
Fast verification and easy counting of banknote bundles at the speed of 100–110 banknotes per minute
Adjustment for any global currency requires only installation of the relevant software version


Back offices in supermarkets, minimarkets, department stores
Checkout areas in stores with high-value cash receipts where, apart from verification, counting of banknote bundles is required: clothing and shoe boutiques, computer and electronics stores, jewelry stores, expensive gift shops and variety stores
Finance and accounting departments


Expert level of currency detection

100% detection of counterfeits

Moniron Dec detection system is regularly tested at major central and national banks, commercial credit institutions and government counterfeiting prevention agencies.

Moniron detectors were tested and certified by the European Central Bank (ECB).

Ergonomic design and reliability

Your cash in perfect order

Verified banknotes are stacked into a neat bundle. Special Moniron Tray 100.

Always prepared

Keep track of release notes about new versions of the embedded software’s, and your Moniron detector will always be adjusted for processing new banknote types.


Guaranteed security

Integrated automatic Moniron Detection System with 100% guaranteed counterfeit detection.

Feed banknotes any way you like!

You can feed banknotes in any of 4 orientations, without pressing them to the edge of the feeding tray.

Moniron Integrated Automatic Detection System


IR Infrared detection • UV Ultraviolet detection • Visible image • RGB Spectral analysis of ink • MG: magnetic detection • OD Optical density detection • 3D Size detection


Counting and verification of bundles


Easy counting

The Add mode is switched on by pressing a button and allows to count and verify a large number of banknotes at the same time. The total amount and quantity of banknotes are displayed on the screen.

Your cash in perfect order

A removable stacker tray, 100 banknotes in capacity, ensures easy handling of banknote bundles. After verification and counting, banknotes don’t get scattered all over unlike when you work with other automatic detectors which are not equipped with special stacker devices.


Smart technology


Special Moniron Tray 100

Moniron Dec Ergo is designed for handling a lot of banknotes. The detector is equipped with a special removable stacker tray for 100 banknotes which allows to stack verified banknotes into a neat bundle.


Smart Redirection technology

After verification, counterfeit banknotes are always ejected in the direction opposite to the selected dispensing direction. They are not mixed with other banknotes or included in the total amount.


Ready for video monitoring: VReady

All on-screen data is displayed in red-colored LEDs. The red spectrum is easily registered and detected by CCTV cameras in any lighting conditions.


Moniron Software: a unique application for device management and display of detection results


Different versions of the special software which adds a lot of extra features to the detector’s functionality can be downloaded from the website and easily installed. Contact our Customer Support to learn more.


Software for back offices


Special software allowing to prepare cash for CIT services is available for Moniron Dec Ergo. The Z Report printout function saves the cashier’s time considerably. Using Moniron Dec Ergo in back offices prevents errors during cash collection and delivery to the bank.


Additional features


Automatic split-second banknote verification


On-screen display: currency, denomination, amount, and quantity of banknotes


Adjustable for any
currency in the world


Forward and backward
ejection of banknotes


Add mode. Easy counting with simultaneous verification


Connection to PC
for software updates and access
to advance control functions

Photo and Video Gallery

Moniron Dec Ergo: automatic counterfeit detector for back office operation. Video presentation.
Moniron Dec Ergo: device operation video.


Moniron Dec Ergo

Device type Automatic counterfeit detector
Currency types EUR (basic configuration). Adjustment for other currencies available as an additional option
Banknote feeding Feeding by any side • Any orientation in the tray (no need to press banknotes to the edge)
Ejection modes Forward and backward ejection
Bundle processing Special removable stacker tray, 100 banknotes in capacity
Certificates Moniron Dec detection system• Certified by the European Central Bank (ECB)
Detection Integrated analysis: Full-width infrared detection • Ultraviolet detection with background luminosity control • Magnetic detection • Spectral analysis of ink • Visible image • Optical density detection • Banknote size detection • Double banknote detection • Taped banknote detection
Operation modes Single banknote verification • Verification with summing-up (bundle counting) • Automatic currency type detection • Audio indication
Display LED
On-screen information Banknote denomination • Amount and quantity of verified banknotes • Currency type • Error code
Verification speed up to 110 banknotes per minute
PC connection USB Type B
Power 12 V, power supply: 100–240 V, 50/60 Hz (AC adapter, car adapter can be used)
Dimensions 158×136×83 mm (without removable stacker tray)
Net weight, kg 0,5



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