Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Moniron Dec POS

What do the colors of the LEDs on the Moniron Dec POS detector mean?

The green color of the LEDs means that the detector is ready for operation, and also confirms the authenticity of the checked notes. The LEDs turn red in the following cases:

  • Banknote is suspicious, erased or not recognized
  • Program error
  • Paper jam

The orange color of the LEDs means the bias of the banknote being checked. In this case, you need to re-check the banknote.

The detector does not check banknotes, the red LEDs are on. Why?

The likely reason is that you held the detector power button for a very long time (more than 30 seconds), and the device entered the setup mode. To exit this mode, you should remove the power connector from the detector and then put it back.

The detector does not work, or I turn it on incorrectly.

Using the AC adapter supplied with the detector, connect the device to the network of 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz. To start, briefly press the power button. After a little self-diagnosis, the detector is ready for operation.

If the detector does not turn on, then the following should be checked:

  • Is the AC adapter connected to the network?
  • The integrity of the wire connecting the adapter to the detector
  • If the network adapter matches the nominal value. The detector is powered by a DC 12 V / 0.8 A

When checked by Moniron Dec POS, the banknote is stuck inside the detector. How to remove it?

It is necessary to move the top cover of the detector forward, remove this cover and take out the banknote. After that, return the cover and push it back in.

Why a beeping sound doesn’t follow pressing the power button of Moniron Dec POS?

Most likely your detector is put into operation mode without an audio signal enabled. To turn on the sound, you need to hold the power button for more than 10 seconds. After hearing three beeps, release the button. After that, the detector will beep during banknote verification. The same way, you can turn off the sound again.

Control LEDs are lit, constantly changing their color: red – green – orange.

The appearance of this error is possible, if you strongly press the power button and release it sharply. It is necessary to deliver the detector to the service center for diagnosis. Please note that any technically sophisticated equipment requires delicate handling.

General questions about equipment

How to adjust the detector to check another currency?

If the procedure for adjustment to another currency is not described in detail in the “Support” section or on the page of your Moniron model, then this option is not provided for this type of equipment.

For a more detailed advice, you should contact the nearest authorized service center or call the support service listed on the website.

Can I install the detector in the area of direct sunlight and bright lights?

The detector should be installed out of direct sunlight and bright light rays to ensure stable operation of the built-in sensors.

I have a similar power supply from another device. Can I use it to connect Moniron detectors?

No you can’t. Moniron detectors are equipped with the specially marked power supplies, which are designed to work only with these detectors.

Some random noise is heard when the detector is turned on. What could it be?

It is necessary to contact the authorized service center for diagnostics. The drive belt may have jumped off.

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