The Manufacturer guarantees proper performance of the device during the warranty period from the date of purchase, provided the user complies with storage and operation requirements specified in a user guide.

Please keep the original packaging, user guide and filled warranty certificate. The warranty is revoked in case the device has been shipped without its original packaging or its operation and maintenance requirements have not been complied with. The Manufacturer is not liable for any defects or failures that occur due to improper transportation, storage or operation as well as due to mechanical damages. In case the device fails to function properly during the warranty period, the owner is entitled to have it repaired at the Service Center. The device is accepted for warranty repair clean, free of dust and dirt. Cleaning services are not included in warranty maintenance and are provided at extra charge.

Warranty maintenance does not include training on the device operation or any functions aimed to ensure its performance (plugging, testing, adjustment, routine maintenance, etc.) which can be performed by the user according to the instructions in a user guide.

The Manufacturer reserves the right to make modifications in the software and engineering design which are not described in a user guide.

Warranty services are not provided if:

  • the warranty certificate is missing or incorrectly filled;
  • the information in the warranty certificate has been edited;
  • the operating instructions specified in this user guide have not been followed;
  • the device has mechanical damages;
  • there are foreign items or liquid inside the device;
  • there is evidence that the device has been unsealed and opened.

This warranty does not cover accumulators, power adapters, power supply units, connectors, lamps, batteries, belts, fuses, brushes, parts of the device housing or any other parts that have their own limited lifetime. The warranty does not cover defects or failures caused by unstable environmental conditions or power failures. Replaced defective parts are property of PRO Intellect Technology. Defective equipment is shipped to the Service Center at the owner’s expense.