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Moniron Mobile

Portable automatic banknote detector


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Portable banknote detector to work on the move

True mobility, complex automatic detection, compact ergonomic housing, availability of the universal mounting systems, simple operation and impressive battery life make Moniron Mobile an ideal solution for mobile commerce, online shopping, delivery services, taxi and HoReca sector.


Long battery life
Compact, ergonomic design
One button control. No special knowledge is required
Perfect detection – Moniron Detection System
“Clip” universal mounting


More than a week of battery life in “check-wait” mode
Effective against modern fake “supernotes”
Can be used with the additional universal mounts
Connection to PC with MicroUSB port


Online-shops and courier services
Taxi and delivery services
Restaurants, cafes, food delivery
Realtors, insurance agents and car businesses






Automatic banknote verification


Verification of banknotes in half a second. Instantly!


Battery (AC or USB charging)


Universal mounting “clip”


Audio indication


LED indication of banknotes authenticity


Compact size


MicroUSB for charging and PC connection

Fixing “clip” lets you reliably keep the detector on your belt or backpack straps.

Complex detection


Moniron checks the authenticity of banknotes automatically. No additional knowledge is required.

Green color – genuine banknote
Red color – suspicious banknote. A beep follows additionally



Moniron Detection System

Absolute protection against counterfeit banknotes

Moniron detection system fully complies with the requirements for devices elaborated to automatically check the authenticity of banknotes. 100% tested on the US dollars.

Long battery life


20,000 banknotes without recharging under continuous operation with the average banknotes flow rate.


Without recharging, you can check the amount of banknotes ranging from 1 to 2 million dollars.


9 days. More than a week without recharging. Example: 15-20 courier deliveries per working day with net cash payments for each order.

Energy saving and control


Energy saving system Smart Energy

Moniron Mobile shuts off automatically if not used for a certain period of time: after 3 minutes (running on battery) and after 2 hours (AC).


How to find out the charge level?

When the detector is on, press and hold the POWER button until it beeps once. Red lights will blink 1 to 5 times, depending on the battery charge level (each blink indicates 20% charge).


Recharge the way you want

Recharge the detector in any convenient way: from AC, from a computer or laptop via USB. A battery charge indicator is located on the rear panel of the detector. Red – the detector is recharging, green – the battery is recharged or taken out.

Moniron Reliability Technologies

Sensors are located throughout the width of a banknote

Banknotes are held for a full-scale scan. A special diode unit design provides a stable check of machine-readable authenticity features.


Industrial battery

To ensure long battery life, an industrial battery of high reliability is used. Manufacturer: Panasonic, Japan. The detector also operates without battery. In this case, AC power supply using a special adapter is provided, which is included in the kit.


Polyurethane rollers

Polyurethane rollers are considerably more resistant to wear and harsh operation temperatures. Made in Japan.

Moniron Software

Advanced control options and software update

The special software* provides on-screen displaying of totals, value, amount of banknotes and verification results. To update the software just connect the detector to any PC or laptop using the USB-MicroUSB cable, and install the latest Moniron Update pack.

* Optional, not included as standard.

Best Courier’s Assistant


Moniron Mobile is always ready to work, whenever a payment with cash would occur. Courier is securely protected from receiving counterfeit notes.

Install the detector on any surface you want. With GoPro® mounting or any similar device you have access to hundreds of installation options.

You need a special mounting adapter Moniron Universal Mounting Adapter (optional).

Moniron Mobile Accessories


Protective case

Durable neoprene case has a protective function. Convenient for carrying and storing the detector.


Mounting adapter

Adapter to connect the detector to universal GoPro® mounts and their analogues. This adapter is mounted on the rear panel of the detector instead of the “clip”.

Work on the move

Portable automatic Moniron Mobile Detector – the best solution, when there is a need to verify cash on the road, on the street, in the car, in any mobile sales outlets and so on.



Around the clock

Moniron Mobile can operate in stand-alone mode around the clock. More than a week without recharging.

Always at hand

The detector is always at hand, but at the same time it does not interfere with the user, as it is securely attached to the belt.


Output tray, which protects

Folding output tray protects the interior of the detector from dust and moisture.

Instant readiness

To start checking banknotes simply open the output tray and press the control button.

Honest and in plain sight

The waiter can check the money immediately at the time of payment.


The most compact

Low weight and minimum size.


Multiple mounting options

Using the universal mounting system, the detector can be installed along with the navigator, smartphone or tablet.


Simple operation

No special knowledge in the field of security features of banknotes is required from the user.


Recharged to work on the move

You can recharge in the car, from the AC, from laptop USB-ports – whenever is necessary.

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Moniron Mobile. Genuine mobility



Moniron Mobile

Type of equipment Portable automatic banknote detector
Currencies USD (standard)
Verification speed Up to 130 notes per minute
Detection Moniron Detection System
Indication Beeps • LED-display in color
PC connection microUSB
Power supply From battery (industrial Panasonic battery included) • From AC: power supply – Input AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, DC output 5 V, 2.0 A
Dimensions 110 × 104 × 49 mm (61 mm – with a removable clip)
Weight, kg 0.3 kg (without battery) • 0.35 kg (with battery)

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